Women and the Media: The Influence of Magazines, and such...

Saturday, March 31, 2007


Today's American culture stresses heterosexuality. When looking at women, we notice that in order to attract the opposite sex, they need to make sure their looks are appealing to what men want. This begins at early age. An article by Mary Rogers, entitled "Hetero Barbie?," mentions the influence of Barbie on young girls. With the Barbie image, girls are taught how to dress and style their hair, all in the hopes of attracting a man. The collage above demonstrates these images in adult women as they are portrayed in the media. When reading a fashion magazine, there are tips on how to apply make-up, what to wear for the new season, and how to keep a man. Sometimes I wonder if women are ever allowed to simply be themselves and maybe sport a natural look. That would definitely be a crime in the fashion industry.
Sex sells. The television shows, magazine photos, and musical references above show us that if a woman does not have sex appeal, it will be extremely hard for her to get what she wants. Brains and/or knowledge are rarely discussed in these maagazines or televison shows. Who cares if a woman went to school for fifteen years? The question today is, does she look good?